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Cutter, Rotary Cutter, Embossing Roller, Ultrasonic Roller, Heating Roller
Company Profile

Kingdom Machinery Co., Ltd.

was established in 1979
We are a professional manufacturer of rotary die cutters, embossing rollers, frame sets (cutting units), rotary capsule molds, and other customized machinery models. We are the largest base for fabricating rotary die cutters in Taiwan. Thanks to our advanced machinery and experienced techniques, we have gained strong business support and a high reputation from our customers both in Taiwan and overseas.

Our mission statement in business is "Precision, Quality, Service, and Innovation." We will continue to support high-quality products, and we are grateful to achieve the company's business goals by cooperating with our business partners.
Service Content
  • Rotary die, Rotary die cutter, Rotary cutterDesign, Manufacturing, Resharpening, Repairing.
  • Embossing roller, Ultrasonic roller Design, Manufacturing, Resharpening, Repairing.
  • Frame sets Design and Manufacturing.
  • Softgel moldDesign, Manufacturing, Resharpening and Repairing.
  • Customized high-speed cutting equipment Design and Manufacturing.
  • Customized high-speed packing equipment Design and Manufacturing.
  • Automation equipment Design and Manufacturing.
  • Four-and Five-Axis products Manufacturing.
  • Various types of sheeting products OEM service.

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