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[Professional unpacking articles] Rotary knife mold, precision knife holder, embossing wheel knife mold manufacturer - Kingdom machinery Co., Ltd


Kingdom machinery Co., Ltd is a professional shaping knife sharpener manufacturing company with advanced equipment, established in 1979. It is a professional manufacturer of rotary knife molds, precision knife holders, embossing wheels, rotary capsule molds and other supporting modules. Shang, is Taiwan's largest rotary knife mold manufacturing company. We have advanced production equipment and years of technical experience, and our products have won long-term support and trust from customers at home and abroad. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "precision, quality, service, and innovation", and will continue to provide high-quality products to share with customers to achieve the highest growth goal of the company.

Service Content:
●Rotary die, Rotary die cutter, Rotary cutterDesign, Manufacturing, Resharpening, Repairing
●Embossing roller, Ultrasonic roller Design, Manufacturing, Resharpening, Repairing.
●Frame sets Design and Manufacturing.
●Softgel moldDesign, Manufacturing, Resharpening and Repairing.
●Customized high-speed cutting equipment Design and Manufacturing.
●Customized high-speed packing equipment Design and Manufacturing.
●Automation equipment Design and Manufacturing.
●Four-and Five-Axis products Manufacturing.
●Various types of sheeting products OEM service

Applicable industries:
●Rotary knife wheel, applicable industries are as follows: electronic product glue mold, electronic drawing board, facial mask, diapers, sanitary napkins, paper
cups, food packaging, sanitary products, insoles, medical fasteners, etc.
●Embossing wheel: applicable industries are as follows: applicable to all industries that require pressing and heat sealing
●Knife holder: It can be tailored to the needs of the customer's production line to provide customers with the use of knife molds.
●Special soft capsule mould for pharmaceutical equipment
●Repair of rotary die and embossing wheel
●Professional five-axis product processing
●Manufacturing of customized parts and equipment

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TEL: +886-3-5540131

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