Kingdom Machinery Co., LTD.

Kingdom machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1979, which is a profession manufacture of rotary die cutter. Embossing rollers, Frame set (cutting Unit) rotary capsule mold and other customized machinery models. Kingdom Machinery Co., Ltd. is the biggest base to fabricate the rotary die cutter in Taiwan. Due to our advance machinery equipments and experienced techniques, we have gained a strong business support and high reputation from our customers among Taiwan and overseas. Our mission statement in business are "Precision, Quality, Service and Innovation, we will still support the high quality products, it would be grateful to achieve the company's goals business by cooperating with our business partners.

Product Line

Kingdom Machinery Co., LTD. is one of the reputable rotary die manufacturers in Taiwan. Our system is designed to fit the customer’s standards, as well as applicable domestic and international standards, because we are reckoned as one of the main manufacturers and suppliers of needle roller and hole cutter. Each and every member of our team is committed to the number one goal of filling our customers' needs. Kingdom Machinery Co., LTD. is the global leader in offering the highest quality products, superior service and pioneering innovations for flat cutter and crusher cutter markets. If you are looking for rotary die manufacturers, please do not hesitate to inform us.

Product Category and Service Content
Rotary die, Rotary die cutter, Rotary cutter, and embossing roller for household machinery such as diaper, napkin and, etc.
Rotary die (die cutter) and embossing roller for specific machinery, such as hand-towel, mask, and gauze mask, etc.
Rotary die and embossing roller repairing.
Frame sets and other related parts manufacturing.
Specific industrial CAM design and manufacturing
5-Axis products manufacturing

  1. Rotary die cutter: use in : diapers,napkins. Sticking of electron product,battery plates, food packing, hospital pads, mask, paper boxes, paper cups, shoes pads, etc.
  2. Embossing rollers: Scope of application : press the harp or heating seal
  3. Frame SET(cutting Unit): Customized for die cutter.
  4. Rotary capsule model
  5. Rotary cutter, Embossing rollers repairing
  6. 5-Axis products manufacturing
  7. Specific industrial CAM design and manufacturing

Service content

  1. Rotary Die Cutter and Embossing Roller Design, Manufacturing, Resharpening, Repairing.
  2. Customized High Speed Cutting and Packing Prodution Line.
  3. 5-Axis product Design and Manufacturing.
  4. All kinds of sheet products OEM&ODM Services.

Rotary Die Cutter

* Technological superiority :
  1. All of the rotary die cutter, from our company are all use 4 Axis and 5-Axis to manufacturing and grinding to insure retain the fine qualities.
  2. Maxiumu size: Ø600mmx2000mmL
  3. The cutting waste can be drawn into the axis center.
  4. We can manufacturing any kind of material Rotary die cutter include tungsten Carbide.
  5. Replaceable-cutter has success fully drerloped.
  6. we are able to manufacturing the rotary die cutters which cuts multiple depth at one single rotary die cutter.

Embossing Roller
We use the high speed machinery center to provide the shape pattern.

We can manufacturing embossing rollers for customized to press the hart or heating seal.
We can manufacturing different depth embossing roller. It helpful to produce stereoscopic model.

Manufactured by 5-Axis machinery center, to insure the degree of precision.

Kingdom Rotary die

We are pleased to manufacturing and kind of customized or special order rotary die for customers.
We are proudly to announce that the metallurgy HSS and tungsten carbide rotary die has successfully developed.

Main Products
  1. Rotary die (die cutter).
  2. Embossing roller.
  3. Specific industrial CAM design and manufacturing.
  4. Frame sets design and manufacturing.

Product Categories:
Kingdom Machinery Co., LTD. is one of Taiwan's most recognized rotary die manufacturers. Our hole cutter, flat cutter and crusher cutter are designed to meet your specific technical and performance requirements. Kingdom Machinery Co., LTD. provides needle roller of the highest quality with a focus on flexible solutions, reliability and customer understanding. Our goal is to support you and provide you with the best solutions for your specific professional needs. We are one of the professional rotary die manufacturers. Thank you for taking the time to go through our business profile. If there is any question, inquiry or comment, please feel free to contact us.