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Cutter,Rotary Cutter,Embossing Roller,Ultrasonic Roller,Heating Roller

Company Profile

Kingdom machinery Co., Ltd.

was established in 1979
which is a profession manufacture of rotary die cutter. Embossing rollers, Frame set(cutting Unit) rotary capsule mold and other customized machinery models. Kingdom Machinery Co., Ltd. is the biggest base to fabricate the rotary die cutter in Taiwan. Due to our advance machinery equipments and experienced techniques, we have gained a strong business support and high reputation from our customers among Taiwan and overseas.

Our mission statement in business are"Precision, Quality, Service and Innovation, we will still support the high quality products, it would be grateful to achieve the company's bussines goals by cooperating with our bussine partners.
  • 旋轉模,旋轉模切刀,旋轉切刀設計,製造,重新磨削,修復。
  • 壓花輥,超聲波輥設計,製造,重新磨光,維修。
  • 框架集設計與製造。
  • 軟凝膠模具的設計,製造,重新研磨和修復。
  • 定制高速切割設備的設計與製造。
  • 定制高速包裝設備的設計與製造。
  • 自動化設備的設計與製造。
  • 四軸和五軸產品製造。
  • 各類片材產品的OEM服務。

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